Activity Checks

Activity checks are often utilized when a claim or personal injury case looks suspect but does not warrant a full surveillance.

Our investigative techniques can ascertain information you will need to know in order to decide if the claim or case needs further investigation. Besides verifying residence and personal property, we can determine the employment, physical health, general schedule and routine activities the claimant or plaintiff is engaged in.

We also conduct in-person wellness checks.

Routine assignments are completed within 5 days. Upon completion, photos and a report are submitted.

Accident Investigations

Our standard accident investigation includes obtaining a copy of the accident report, taking photos of the vehicles involved and of the accident site, and locating and interviewing witnesses. We also attempt to locate any video of the accident from security cameras that may have captured it.

If needed, we also research the opposing party for possible prior traffic violations, civil litigation and criminal cases. Our research includes all courts in all jurisdictions where the subject has resided.

Background Investigations

Our background investigations consist of public records research. We are capable of researching all federal, state, county and municipal jurisdictions in the United States.

A full background investigation includes identifying the present area and all previous areas where the subject has resided. Depending on the level or specification of research requested, those areas will be searched for the subject's name, cross-referenced by SSN, DOB, aliases, f/k/a and residential addresses.

Certified copies can be obtained for court use. Turnaround time is typically 5-10 business days.

Civil Investigations

We handle general civil investigations in Savannah and southeast Georgia.

Types of civil investigations include matters arising from contract disputes, business partnerships, employer-employee relationships, marital relationships and any other type of business or legally binding relationship.

We have the capability and resources to handle most civil matters.

Locates (Skip Traces)

The first action in most investigations is to verify the subject's residence or employment.

We utilize a combination of databases, investigative techniques and other resources to locate the subject of an investigation we are handling.


We handle domestic and insurance surveillances in Savannah and southeast Georgia.

Surveillance video can be very effective as evidence. In carrying out an assignment, our objective is to intelligently obtain video evidence in order to prove a case or situation. With our experience, surveillance techniques and the latest video technology we are capable of obtaining this objective and maintaining the integrity of the case.

Upon completion, a surveillance report and video are submitted.

Witness Interviews

We conduct witness interviews for any type of civil case in Savannah and southeast Georgia.

The most important part of interviewing is asking the right questions. We can work from a list of questions submitted to us or create a list of questions. In creating questions, we study the facts of the case and create generalized and specific questions to ensure details that could be important are not missed.

Interviews can be conducted in person or over the telephone. Interviews are recorded and copied to a CD.